Hello, my name is Jan-Hendrik!
I consider myself to be very fortunate, because my job simply enables me to do what I love.

About me

I am spending a lot of my time in research and education. Almost always, I am surrounded with amazing people, and this includes team members as well as clients, which I am very proud of. I am happy about working out a detail and push it to its best.

Currently, I am living in Berlin. While most of my clients can be found around Berlin as well, I do travel around and even outside of Germany for my awesome clients.


Since 1999 I have been around web development in various roles. I would be happy if I can support you, your project or team in any of these areas. Just get in touch if you are interested in a cooperation. Here, you can find an overview about my work experience and skills in more detail.

Teams and agile methods

Besides the tech stack, a large part of my work as an agency owner, technical director and CTO has been spent on building up and leading teams to success, training and coaching them. Throughout the last years, this has been mostly based on agile methodologies and specifically Scrum. As a Certified Scrum Master, I am supporting the team as a servant leader. As a Certified Scrum Professional, I am helping teams to adopt agile thinking and develop workflows with them.

Product development

Part of my roles as agency owner, CTO and team lead has also been to manage product development. This included product management, concept work and user experience as well as requirements engineering. I have also been supporting the development of products as a Certified Scrum Product Owner.


I have been a web developer from the beginning, and quickly found myself in the roles of a team lead and trainer doing development trainings. Throughout the years, I build up a large amount of experience around PHP, Rails and the frontend stack. I am happy to make use of my experience in these fields also in the roles of a scrum master and product owner.


I am a bike nerd and passionate about long distance rides. To quote Robert Louis Stevenson (1881): "For to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour". While a Velothon seems not to be very inspiring, I can't wait to sign up for the Mecklenburger Seen Runde, which is 300km. I like photography and most preferably black and white photos, but I am not spending enough time to really master it. Finally I am passionate about cooking. Cooking is like meditation for me. Do things slowly and seriously. And much like in the agile world: inspect and adapt. If things don't work out, just do it again.

Last but not least, I am married to my fantastic wife Manu. She is awesome, too!