Book Reviews
Through my continuous research, I read a lot of books. This is a collection of books I enjoyed reading. Get in touch for specific recommendations.

The 4-Hour Workweek

416 pages, Publisher: Harmony, Published: 08.11.2015, Author: Timothy Ferriss.

If you want to know how to spend your time wisely, then this is for you. Find out how you get your work done more efficiently to spend your time on something else.


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If you are into optimizing your work-live-balance, then this book might be for you. Ferriss has not exactly written a book on a 4 hour workweek, but he has rather written best seller on how to spend your time wisely. His book is all about a new lifestyle. It’s not about how to get to be a millionaire, but rather earn enough money so you got loads of time to spend on other things.

I don’t like a lot how he propagates his new lifestyle. Examples:

  • Use your current job to build up your new business. Hide from your boss, and build up your business while being at work.

  • Work home office, so you can more easily spend time on your new business instead of for the current company.

Of course, if you take it as an inspiration, you find your own way on making use of that.


The main takeaway of this book is DEAL. This is one of the things I like a lot. Deal is an acronym for:

  • Definition: Find out what you really want. Don’t consider what the society or your social network expects, but rather be honest with yourself.

  • Eliminate: Only spend time on important things, get rid of anything else. Work for your own business instead of spending time for others. He suggest to make use of the Pareto principle: Identify the post productive 20% of your tasks and only work on them, as 20% of your work will result in 80% of the targeted result.

  • Automation: Automate as much as possible. The more you automate, the more you can spend time on the real things. Example: Have a virtual assistant to take care of your tax administration, to answer phone calls and anything like that. This is about building a sustainable and automatic source of income.

  • Liberate: This is on how to make use of your newly available spare time. He refers a lot to traveling, but this is basically up to you.


The book has been inspiring. Not exactly related to a specific way on how to achieve a better work-live-balance, as I don’t very much like how he approaches it. Still it is inspiring on how to spend your time wisely, and thinking on alternative ways of doing things and getting them done in a more time efficient manner, which includes outsourcing of certain tasks. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

I am in the lucky position to like the work which I am doing. Building a business which is just there to produce income is not my personal preference and first priority.