Book Reviews
Through my continuous research, I read a lot of books. This is a collection of books I enjoyed reading. Get in touch for specific recommendations.

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

256 pages, Publisher: Crown Business, Published: 28.10.2015, Author: Jeff Sutherland, JJ Sutherland.

For anyone who wants work out the core of scrum and how it developed to what it is today, I suggest reading this book. It is full of awesome real live examples and success stories.



I have read many scrum books in the past. Most of them explain the theory behind Scrum, only few of them go into real live examples. I liked Lean from the Trenches a lot, because it does that: Show real live examples including what went right, and what went wrong in their specific case.

Now, this is also not the case with this book. The opposite is the case. The book is full of real live examples on where Scrum is used, not just in the development area, but also far outside of that.

This is not a Scrum guide which you might expect, there are other guides out there going into every detail of the process. It still covers the basics. Instead this book goes into detail of all those great stories on where agile methods and Scrum has been used and for what benefit. Sutherland does not write how you should use Scrum, but instead writes about how people really make use of Scrum, and how they are successful with it.

It doesn’t tell you anything about real live examples on where Scrum failed and why. While I would have liked that as well, it is probably not within the scope of this book.

Things I liked (among others):

  • History: The origins of Scrum seen from one of the inventors.

  • Multitasking: He says that Multitasking is a myth, and that people who think they’re good at it, are actually the worst. Interesting fact, as I thought I am good at it. I mean, really!

  • Real live stories: See above. There are loads of examples in this book.


If you are into Scrum and want to develop your own perspective further, I absolutely recommend reading this book. You should really read this, if you want to motivate yourself to explore more about Scrum and how it can be used outside of your main work area.

Very well written and engaging. Great book!