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Scrum Poster

There is a new awesome scrum poster icn development. If you are interested and want to get the news early, please subscribe. See below for a tiny teaser and a bit of initial information.

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At this stage I am not going to provide much information. The closer we get to the final piece, the more I will publish. The usual scrum process will be joined by additional information. Anything we might find helpful enough for people discussing scrum and the details of the process. Be assured that subscribers get a special deal when it's finally ready for shipping.

This is a sketch from our process finding a good style and working out some details while combining charts with work situations. Don't take it too serious, it's actually not correct in terms of what you see there. If you want, you can also take look at my Comfort Zone Article, which has some illustrations in a similiar style.

You will not get a lot of text included right on the poster, only descriptive illustrations and a few words. There are various examples in the wild, which provide that already. Instead, you will be able to access additional digital information right from the poster via QR codes. So if you can not remember exactly how the burn down chart works, you can look it up and get details, example charts along with a helpful description.

Update 20.11.2015

We pretty much worked out the style and decided how the poster will look like. After finishing work on the overall style, we are currently working out the specific content modules, roles, meetings and such, to get the content right. We received some valuable feedback about the following sketch, which we will also cover in this iteration. As the poster will be available in A0 as well as A1, scaling it up and getting "real" is also one of the text tasks.

Please get in touch, if you have any questions or suggestions. I am offering free copies in exchange for any valuable feedback!